Steignet is an arbitrage platform for the single family residential housing market. We have developed proprietary technology to identify undervalued, distressed, or mispriced residential real estate assets throughout the U.S. With our machine learning and decision engines, Steignet scans millions of housing units to identify real-time mispricings to generate superior alpha for our real estate investors & partners. One could think of our system as a tactical “Bloomberg Terminal” for the residential real estate market.

Steignet will disrupt the residential market by providing our investors a competitive advantage in finding the best deals. Our partners include such entities as: REITS, PE firms, family offices, and hedge funds. Using our proprietary methodologies, the system sifts through millions of properties and triangulates numerous data sets to find these pricing anomalies. Steignet allows our partners to quickly find and analyze a property to understand if it is accretive for their investment criteria. Furthermore, from a homeowner perspective, we are providing the needed liquidity for motivated sellers in a historically illiquid asset class. Thus, it is a win-win for both sides of the seller-buyer equation.

We are proud that Steignet was founded at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Steignet was one of five startups selected to be a part of VIPX – the most selective and exclusive startup accelerator program for the entire University of Pennsylvania community. We at Steignet are very appreciative for UPENN’s support in helping us launch Steignet.