Utilizing Real Time Data to Generate Superior Alpha

In today’s hyper-competitive market, speed of execution and decision making capabilities are what separate the Alphas from the Betas. With our proprietary algorithms and pattern recognition capabilities, Steignet will filters through the noise to identify accretive deals for our select partners.

Identify the best deals at a given point in time

Risk Assess each opportunity

Hunt for our partner’s desired hurdle rate criteria

Scan for Pricing Anomalies and Motivated Sellers

Optimize a real estate ground game

Automate numerous processes

Arbitrage Platform

Most comprehensive data set in the industry

Steignet mines, consolidates, triangulates, and utilizes both real estate and non-real estate data sets to find the best deals. There are over 100M residential units in the U.S., and our platform’s primary use case is for single family house flipping. At Steignet we have trading mentality, and our deal origination should provide immediate short term returns. Furthermore, our technology is not meant to replace a real estate ground game, but to augment it. We are proud to have the best-in-class technological and real estate partners to generate superior alpha.

Data Consolidation & Triangulation

We feed our machine learning and proprietary algorithms numerous public and private data sets to generate return-based performance metrics. Just as in stock trading, numerous firms have access to public data sets, but it is how one analyzes them that separates the top investors from the pack. Unlike other firms, our management team actually comes from a real estate background. At Steignet, we are incorporating numerous strategies and pattern recognition capabilities, to identity real time opportunities.

Real Time Continuous Scanning

We see what the average “old school” house flipper does not. Our data sets analyzes thousands of attributes to generate real time decision making capabilities. When a true “steal” surfaces, we all know that it won’t last long. Our buy-side deal origination software will be able to alert us immediately of any material arbitrage opportunities.

Transforming Real Estate Investing into a Science

Steignet’s cutting edge technology makes “gut based” investing a thing of the past. In a data-centric new world, real estate investors need a trusted partner that can filtrate through the noise and generate an efficient bottom line recommendation. Our risk adjusted decision engines and statistical buy-side models will tactically provide accretive returns to our partners.